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Argillite.ca Proudly serving the North coast of Argillite for 3 years.

Affiliated with Mansons Jewellers in Prince Rupert, BC

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ARGILLITEhaida slate

Deep in the mist shrouded mountains of Haida Gwaii
In a semi-secret  location on slatechuck mountain lies a deposit of ARGILLITE-which is the easily carved claystone called “Haida Slate” and "Black Slate"

Apart from the visual beauty of a finished piece, the cool, smooth feel of argillite is enormously appealing.

The best known carvings are miniature totem poles or “family trees”, a form of sculpture brought to it’s greatest perfection by the Haidas. Other objects took the form of boxes, pipes and a variety of purely decorative items such as broaches, earrings and pendants.

The Haida artisans employ the fluid graceful lines and curves which characterizes their art. Sometimes using Mother of Pearl from the abalone to emphasize points of design.

Mansons Jewellers invites you to come and shop or browse and to see their large private collection of argillite totem poles and contemporary works of art.

Art Collection

One of a kind hand crafted Argillite collectors pieces currently for sale.

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Jewellery Collection

Unique one pendants hand crafted by West Coast First Nations Artists

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